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At the Head of the List

Are you there with me?

Robert Johnson
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Character: Sylar (going by the alias Robert Johnson)
Series: Heroes
Version: Right after episode 8, Seven Minutes to Midnight, in which Peter Petrelli manages to “save the cheerleader.”
Age: Unknown – late twenties to early thirties, mid-thirties at the latest
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Not indicated, aside from an insatiable lust for power

Appearance: Sylar stands at just under six feet, with a sturdy build. Light skin contrasts with short dark hair, and dark eyes betray none of what happens behind them. Sylar is clean-shaven and for all intents and purposes looks just like any average Joe. This is, of course, how he wants it.

Sylar keeps with this appearance by wearing average Joe clothing: simple t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, jeans, and sturdy tennis shoes or hiking boots. At the moment, his hoodie and jeans are covered with blood – he may soon lose them in favor of something less incriminating.

Personality: The phrase that best describes Sylar is “Crazy like a fox.” His cleverness keeps him several steps ahead of his various pursuers, and only his mistakes allow them to capture him. He is a brilliant actor, easily manipulating people with lies and smooth words, and he will not hesitate to kill, especially if the person had powers or was in his way on his quest to acquire powers. In fact, his entire mission is to seek out every person who has mutated genes that give them powers, kill them, and steal their powers for his own. He feels no guilt over killing them – in fact, he takes sadistic pleasure in what he does.

Sylar is very cunning, virtually amoral, and viciously efficient. In short, stay the hell away from this man if you want to live.

Abilities/Weaponry: Sylar’s inherent ability is that of visual dissection – he can look at anything and immediately understand how it works. He has recently found he can steal the abilities of others and use them as his own. In order to use this ability, the person whose power he wishes to steal must be dead. Sylar, in his quest for power, tends to murder people with powers in order to take them for himself. So far he has gained the power of frost (he can create ice from the moisture in the air), eidetic memory (the ability to remember nearly everything in great detail), and psychokinesis (the ability to mentally move objects). “Objects” in this context tends to include “people” – oftentimes Sylar will hold his victim against a wall with this talent (because stationary objects are easier to decimate than those that move).

Sylar tends to kill people by cutting the top portion of their head and brain off – this is either an extension of his psychokinesis or an aspect of his original powers. Whether he must kill people in this manner in order to steal their powers or if this is simply a personal preference is unknown.

Weaknesses: Sylar’s greatest weakness is his arrogance. Because of his wit and powers, Sylar believes himself superior to all other people. This leads him to underestimate them. When he is several steps ahead of everybody else, he becomes overconfident and tends to overlook the obvious and make simple mistakes. This tendency oftentimes allows his pursuers to catch up with and sometimes detain him. While Sylar manages to escape, he does not learn from his mistakes and repeats them, oftentimes with similar results.

As much as he would deny it, Sylar’s psychokinesis does not make him omniscient or omnipotent. He can certainly stop a bullet in midair, but only if he knows it’s coming. He can be outwitted and taken by surprise, and like any other human he is prone to physical injuries and diseases.

History: Sylar’s history before he arrived in the police’s and media’s eyes as a serial killer is largely unknown. The few known facts state that he was an unhappy watchmaker, that he discovered his power through murdering a man with psychokinesis and taking his powers, and that he has a list of people with powers. The trail of deaths he created led straight to Texas and Claire Bennett, a high-school student with the power to heal herself almost instantly. Sylar in the high school’s locker rooms the night of the prom. Owing to a misleading newspaper article, Sylar believed one of Claire’s fellow cheerleaders was the one with powers and killed her as Claire watched. He then turned on Claire, intending to silence the witness to his crime, but was stopped by Peter Petrelli. Their tussle led them to the second floor of the school and then over its edge. With police sirens screaming in the distance, Sylar left a seemingly-deceased Peter lying on the pavement and fled into the nearby woods. When he emerged, he found himself outside the gates of Paixao.

After Arriving in Paixao: Sylar's journey in Paixao has been an eventful one. Soon after arriving, he assumed the alias of Robert Joshnos and joined a large party in an excursion outside the gates, destined for St. Destino's church at the other end of the island. The rather ill-fated trip ended in the appearance of several hooded members of the Organization, who attacked the party, teleporting most of them back inside the city and kidnapping a select few for experiments. Sylar was among the ones taken for the purposes of "science."

His luck turned once again after Luxord, another member of the Organization, read his memories and discovered who he really was. Instead of sending him through for experiments that would most certainly turn to torture in the name of science, he instead offered him an alliance with the Organization: Sylar's undercover work, posing as just another visitor to Paixao and gathering information on those who would work against the Organization, in exchange for information on what the city truly was and an eventual way out. Sylar accepted the bargain and was released at the same time as the other experiment subjects.

He has since run into several aliens (namely Dak and Zim), and is trying desperately to get away from them, presumably to hold up his end of the bargain. Whether the Organization trusts him enough to do so is yet to be seen.

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This is an RP journal for paixaorpg played by yamikonumber7. Sylar and Heroes belong to Tim Kring and NBC. Any events in this journal are fictional and have no intentional reflection on the original material or real life events. That cover everything? :3